Illuminated Gifts Spiritual Coaching Program

$444.44 - $2,555.55

The Illuminated Gift Spiritual Coaching Program is designed to give you the keys to becoming a spiritual healer and practitioner by developing, cultivating, and harnessing your natural gifts. Each healer is different yet we all share common needs and desires. As someone who was called to do healing work from a young age, Ashanté Fernandes CEO and Holistic Lifestyle Consultant at Gemineye Holistics has developed and studied many forms of energy healing. Ashanté will be covering a plethora of topics ranging from divination to ritual and energy work. We will also give in-depth lessons on philosophical as well as practical aspects of energy working. This program will give you the tools necessary to not only activate your gifts but help you to change people's lives.

Beta Test Launch 2/24/24

Prerequisites: Reiki 1-Master, 1 of any of our coaching programs, Positive Result Destiny Reading

A 15 Module Go at your own pace certification program.

Introduction to Practical Spirituality
Meditation and Meditation Practices
Laws of the Universe
Crystals and Gemstone Healing

Creativity and Connection to the Divine
Chakras and the Light Body
Spirit Guides and Ancestors

Master Student Course
Magickal Earth Science
Magickal Herbalism
Rituals and Spell Casting

Spiritual Nutrition and Fasting Techniques
Sacred Scripture and World Religions

Master Teacher Course

Keys to Ascension Intro 1: Philosophy

Keys to Ascension 2: Past Lives and Karma

Keys to Ascension 3: The Goddess and the Origin Of Creation

Keys to Ascension 4: The Art of Teaching and Healing

Required Reading and Course Reference Books
Rocks of Ages Ras Ben
Crystal Bible 1 & 2
Healing with Gemstones
Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbalism
African Book of Divination
I Ching Wilhelm and Baynes
Egyptian Yoga
Opening to Spirit
Fairy Bible
The Orisha
Sekhmet Transformation In The Belly of the Goddess

Certification Requirements

Finish Initiate -Master Teacher Courses
Combined Test Scores of 80% and Up
Prerequisites fulfilled
45 Hours of logged Coaching Experience
Approved Core Curriculum Complete
Spiritual Business Coaching Session

Logged Coaching Requirements
20 hours of peer coaching
20 hours of free volunteer coaching
5 hours of Paid Coaching