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Spiritual Home Cleansing Kits

$177.00 - $199.00
  • Spiritual Home Cleansing Kits

Do you want to get rid of negative energy in your home? Maybe you just moved into a new space and want to make sure the energy in your space is clear or, you could have just had some traumatic experiences and are looking for ways to get rid of that energy in your house. Whether or not we realize it, sometimes negative and stuck energy can accumulate in our homes over a period of time. That's why it's best to do a spiritual home cleansing at least once or twice a year.

These Spiritual Kit Options are designed to making cleansing and blessing your home easy

New Home Bless & Cleanse
Just move into a new space, make sure no one else's energy is in your home and let this be a prosperous beginning for you. This kit will cleanse any residual energy and open up the intention for positive energy to flow.

*White Organic Sage Bundle
*Palo Santo Stick
*New Home Floor Wash
*New Home Energy Spray
*New Home Crystal Kit
*Incense Holder
*New Home Blessing Candle
*Instructional PDF

Refresh Bless & Cleanse Kit
Energy in your home feeling a bit stagnant? Ready to do a major home cleaning and declutter? Right after use this kit to help the energy flow again.

Kit Includes
*White organic Sage
*Palo Santo Stick
*Refresh Floorwash
*Refresh Crystal Kit
*Frankincense and Myrrh Incense
*Incense Holder
*Home Clearing Candle
*Instructional PDF

Deep Cleanse & Protect Kit
Great for cleansing your home after traumatic experiences or unwanted paranormal activity, this kit will help you get rid of any unwanted energies and entities from your space.

Kit Includes
*Dragon's Blood Sage Bundle
* Home Protection Powder (Not to be handled without gloves and face mask)
*Deep Cleanse Floor Wash
*Protection Crystal Kit
*Patchouli Incense
*Incense Holder
* Blessed Reversal Candle
* Instructional PDF

Sweeten & Bless Kit
Great for bringing in peace and loving energy into your space. This kit will help to create the perfect energy for manifestation and intention setting.

Kit Includes
*Floral Sage Bundle
*Home Sweetening Spray
*Home Sweetening Floor Wash
*Abundance & Love Crystal Kit
*Rose Incense
*Incense Holder
*Blessed Healing & Attraction Candle
*Instructional PDF