• Image of Supercharged Serpentine Raw

Manifest and attract what you want in life! Serpentine aligns your intent with your Heart Chakra and source energy, bringing you abundance on all levels. It will channel love, prosperity, and healing. Serpentine lives up to its’ name because it is one of the most effective stones to use for raising Kundalini energy. Serpentine creates an opening so that the Kundalini may travel upward through the chakras. It is a great healing stone because it clears out and releases any blocked area in all of your chakras so that healing can take place. Serpentine will heal on the mental, emotional, and physical levels. Serpentine forms a connection to promote healing in a unique way for each individual. Serpentine also enhances the meditative state and retrieval of ancient wisdom through the Akashic Records. This wonderful gemstone is especially good for Geminis, but it is great for any sign!