• Image of Rose Quartz Raw

Everyone could use a bit more love in their life; bring some into yours with a rose quartz stone. Rose quartz has an amazingly gentle energy that soothes and heals past hurts, wounds, and traumas. If you are beginning your journey into the realm of crystals this stone is a great one for a gemstone novice. Rose Quartz activates the higher heart chakra and gently cleanses and stimulates the abundant nature of love with in. Rose quartz is best used in sonic healing sessions with the frequency 528hz as they are akin to healing and transformation. So open your heart to love and life with a rose quartz stone.

Chakra Connection: Lower & Higher Heart Chakra

Physical Healing: Heart, Circulatory System, Kidneys

Common Uses: Love attraction, Emotional Healing, Affirmations

Astrological Matches: Libra, Taurus