Voodoo Reading; Mami Wata Written Consultation Report

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  • Voodoo Reading; Mami Wata Written Consultation Report
  • Voodoo Reading; Mami Wata Written Consultation Report
  • Voodoo Reading; Mami Wata Written Consultation Report

Are you interested in learning more about traditional African Spirituality from an African practitioner? Hello my name is Dayon, I am an African Voodoo priest located in Benin, West Africa. I practice Voodoo in the Mami wata pantheon which brings together many deities. Ive been practicing voodoo for over 10 years. I was born into a Voodoo family. My mom is a priestess of Mami wata and she showed me the way. It is these spiritual forces that our ancestors used to help and heal people who needed it. So to keep the identity, and culture of our ancestors, I too set out on this path.

Why are consultations important?
The consultation process consists of knowing about your life, both spiritually and emotionally. On one hand, the consultations help us learn about our future, assisting us in having knowledge of what is to come before we act.

For someone who wants a consultation,there are a few paths that can be choosen. It can be done by Ifa or on the edge of a divinity everything will depend on the priest. If you want to consult it can be on your dreams or signs that you see, feelings, trips, on your work or in your local places or on a problem, It will depend on you.

When you consult the priest they will tell you what to do to be able to resolve what you need.

For example " The spirits say that you are (This is what the spirits say about the consultant) You have spirits (The spirit that governs the consultant) who protect you with these spirits, you can have anything you want. This spirit came from your (maybe from these ancestors) The spirits that come into your life that surround you are the spirits (the consultant's spirits)

Your main spirit that you must listen to all the time is the spirit of (....) Sometimes this spirit gives you dreams and visions that seem strange to you but you wonder what to do."

From here the spirits will make recommendations based off of what you need and help you to achieve these goals swiftly and without hinderence.

But this will all depend on what you consult upon.

Book a written voodoo consultation today to learn more about your spiritual destiny on the path of voodoo. Connect through your ancestral lineage and return to the ancient ways.

Please allow for 48 hours to pass before receiving your report.

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