Honey Jar Attraction Spell

$55.00 - $333.00
  • Honey Jar Attraction Spell

This is an old hoodoo sweetening spell, it is designed to help attract the things you truly desire to you. The jar is often filled with honey and other sweetening herbs, oils, and charms to help bring about the desired intention. This work, can be used several ways, one way it can be used is to help bring about the person you desire. Another way it can be used is to make others more attracted to you and make you more likable. My favorite use for honey jars is to attract situations and opportunities, like jobs, clients, and money. When used in these ways the honey jar works to bring you the best and most compatible situations to you. Helping you to enjoy the sweetness in life just a bit more.

When it comes to doing any spiritual work your best bet is to get a reading done before you actually purchase the work, to make sure that this is the best type of work to be done for you. This work is also best performed during the waxing moon so orders can take up to 28 days to be fufilled. One working maynot be enough although each jar is charged for a specific intention you may need to purchase an additional candle burning depending on the outcome of the candle.