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This course focuses on the holistic healing power of common household and easy to forage herbs. Including the physical health benefits as well as the spiritual uses of these herbs. It's a 5 week certification course that unlocks the power of everyday herbs.

Go at Your Own Pace

This course includes a
5 weekly training modules
1 New moon healing ceremony
1 Full moon healing ceremony
Course readings, assignments, and final quiz

Course Curriculum
Week 1: Introduction to the Holistic Lifestyle
Week 2: Kitchen Witch essentials tools of the trade
Week 3:Common Herbs and Spices that will heal your life
Week 4: The Spiritual Power and uses of these herbs
Week 5: Herbal formulas for health and power

VIP Package Includes
Sample Herb Paks
Crystal Pak
Electric Herb Grinder
Herb Prep Materials
2 Herb Encyclopedias