• Image of Healing & Abundance Candle Spell

Ignite harmony in your life by bringing in and increasing abundance in all areas. Have you been struggling to release negativity think positivly or lacking in money, health or other areas of your life? This work is just what you need! Combining the energy works of vodun, hoodoo, and other folk magicks this amazing spell will help you heal your entire life.

Healing Candle Includes...
*1 Green Crystal Charged Healing Candle
*5 God/dess Sigal Inscribed Silver Money
*Complimentary Candle Reading
*Annointed for health on the new moon of the month

Healing & Abundance Candle Includes...
*1 Green Healing Candle
*9 God/dess Sigal Inscribed Silver Money Sheets
*Annoited for health and abundance
*1 Aventurine Crystal
*Complimentary Candle and Card Reading Report
*Supplemental Healing and Abundance correspondence kit (mailed to you for your own personal work with oil, mojo bag, herbal pack, candle, ans instructions.)

Additional Work is an additional candle lighting of over the same work previously done to continue the process or unblock any hindrance in the work.

Disclaimer*** We reserve the right to refuse service at anytime for any reason. In this case you as the customer will be fully refunded. Results not guaranteed. No refunds will be possible once service is performed and mutliple spells maybe needed to bring about desired results.