• Image of Black Obsidian Pyramid

Are you looking for a new start? Want help making great changes in your life? Black Obsidian can assist you with all these things and so much more. Black obsidian is a special gem that allows the hidden aspects of your subconscious mind to become visible. It aids you by pinpointing negative thoughts and beliefs, so that they can be released. This gemstone goes deep into the recesses of the mind and assists in the release of past life karma, as well as, generational issues. Black obsidian helps us to release past relationships and move forward with our lives. Amazing for scrying, black obsidian can bring-forth the gift of foresight and allow us to see and predict future events. As a truly powerful stone one should exercise great care while using it over prolonged periods of time. For the best results use this gem in tandem with clear quartz to balance it’s bold energy.

Physical healing : Any physical wounds, disease, or injuries.

Common Uses: Scrying, Shamanic work, visions, prophecy

Chakra Connection: 3rd Eye, Sacral, & Root

Astrological Connection: Scorpio & Sagittarius

Suggested Positioning: Short Term use over 3rd eye for a short amount of time. Over the Naval Chakra.

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